Christmas 2020 Gift Guide for Oscar (26months old, developmentally probably 12-16months old)

These are real images (which I am learning is easier for the brain to process vs. cartoon images). I was planning on taping these to the wall. Hopefully he becomes inquisitive!

50 First Words Flashcards: Scholastic $5.50 on (Image taken from

Hopefully encourages some fine motor skills? At least I won’t lose the shapes! Fat Brain Toys have such good reviews so I am hoping that this is a good choice.

Fat Brain Toys Oombee Cube $26.99 on (Image taken from

Oscar really enjoyed playing with these at the Community Center. He would roll them away and then crawl to them or put them in his mouth.

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set $14.99 on (Image taken from

Oscar loves anything that spins. This toy is also made from 100% recycled plastic and is packaged with recycled materials. If this is a hit I may also buy him the cement mixer.

Green Toys Helicopter $21.62 on (Image also taken from

I am not sure if this will be too advanced for him right now, but at least it will be a toy that he can grow into. I wanted a vestibular toy (providing sensory input through movement) that we could use inside during the winter. My daughter may like it as well.

Little Tykes Trampoline $77.99 on (Image taken from

I also wanted to share some toys that he already has and LOVES

Oscar is motivated by toys that spin. These are intended to be bath toys, but I also have put them on our glass sliding door to encourage play in an upright standing position (vs. flexed over the ottoman or coffee table).

Boon Cogs Water Gears $11.99 on (Image taken from

Another spin toy that he loves. It makes animal or letter sounds depending on the setting. Great for encouraging practice of speech sounds! Currently his favorite motivational toy for physiotherapy.

LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo $19.94 on (Image taken from

This little dog toy has the sweetest voice! You can program it to say your child’s name and several of their favorite things and he will incorporate those into songs and games.

LeapFrog My Pal Scout $24.99 on (Image also taken from

This has become another one of Oscar’s favorite motivational toys for physiotherapy. The legs are a bit too low for him so I will just place the tray part on a higher surface.

VTech Magic Star Learning Table $89.97 on (Image also taken from

Oscar has had this toy since he was 3months old and we still use it today. This is by far the toy that we have gotten the most mileage out of. I highly recommend it!

Baby Einstein Glow and Discover Light Bar (I was trying to show all items that could be purchased in time for Christmas by shopping on amazon prime, this toy is $23.97 at Babies R Us and is showing $69 on amazon!)

Great budget friendly option and hours of entertainment! Fill a large, shallow bin with pasta, rice, or dried beans.***supervised play to avoid choking. You can put it on a coffee table or if your child doesn’t stand, they can play with this in sitting. Add some beach toys or kitchen utensils and tupperwares. My son LOVES this!

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