Entry Forty- Goodbye Dr. H

The day I met our neurologist (I will refer to him as Dr. H) I have to admit that I really didn’t like him. I have shared this story before, but I met Dr. H after being transferred by ambulance and then admitted to the Hospital for Sick Children in November 2018.

Life had been “normal” up until Dr. H informed me of my son’s polymicrogyria diagnosis. The night we arrived he told me that his condition was very “worrisome” and that he would be able to tell me more the next day. Right away I didn’t like him… (Or was it that I didn’t like what he told me? Or was it that I didn’t like how he said it?)

Since then, I have come to like Dr. H. I have gotten used to his matter-of-fact method of communication. I have appreciated how he answers all of my questions and how he doesn’t seem irritated when I ask for clarity. Most of all, I appreciate how well he has medically managed my son since the beginning.

Today we said goodbye. Dr. H is moving on to another hospital. It was emotional saying goodbye to him. For better or worse he has been there with us since the beginning. He knows my son very well…Now I am going to have to meet and entrust a new doctor with the care of my child. I will have to hope that they will take the time to get to know my son as well as Dr. H got to know my son.

I cried as I said “goodbye” to Dr. H. He seemed surprised by my reaction. I am wondering if perhaps he underestimated the connection or attachment that a parent develops with their child’s medical care team? They become your security blanket. You trust them because not only are they very knowledgeable in their field, but also they know your child. They know their past. They know their developmental trajectory. They are the best predictors of their future.

This is the first time that there has been a shift with Oscar’s care team. I am sure this will happen many times in the future.

So anyways, today we said goodbye.

Photo Taken: January 2021

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