Christmas Gift Guide for Olivia (Typically Developing 6 year old)

My daughter already has one of these. She loves the little bracelet and storing it in the fortune cookie. Fortune Cookie Bracelet $6.78 Olivia is obsessed with connect the dots. Connect the Dot $7.84 (on, image also taken from She did a couple of “youtube learn to draw videos”, instead of her staringContinue reading “Christmas Gift Guide for Olivia (Typically Developing 6 year old)”

Entry Twenty Seven- By Two

We so happily celebrated Oscar’s second birthday last week. I have heard that some parents find their child’s birthday a stark reminder of the widening gap between their child and a typically developing child. I am finding this to be true. When your child is young, it is easier to “hide” their delays. As theyContinue reading “Entry Twenty Seven- By Two”