Entry Sixty Seven- It Has Been A While

Time sometimes just goes.

I love writing my blog. It is one of the things I do that is just for me. And of course when life gets busy, the first thing most people do (or is it just a mom thing?) is that you stop doing things for yourself.

I decided to write today because over the last few weeks I have received several messages wondering if Oscar is okay since I haven’t blogged in a long time.

There have been some major life changes since my last post.

First of all, both of my kids are doing well. Olivia is thriving at school, she loved skiing again this year and started tae kwon do which she has really been enjoying. Oscar is doing well also, no drastic spikes in his developmental trajectory, but a slow steady gain is what we have learned to accept is just him.

COVID taught me a lot. It reinforced how much I love my family. It also highlighted how many essential services stayed open during lock downs for adults, and yet nothing was open for children. Olivia was at least able to go to school (when it wasn’t closed). But there was nothing for Oscar.

It was frustrating. My kids need exposure to the world around them and there was nothing.

My husband and I took a leap.

In November 2021 I quite my job where I had been happily employed for the last 8 years.

On April 25, 2022 we opened Oscar’s Place Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre for Children here in Collingwood, Ontario. It is a place we created for Oscar. It is a place where all kids are welcome.

We proudly offer physiotherapy, kinesiology, occupational therapy, mental health services, tutoring services offered by a lady who is fluent in both ASL and braille and we are actively looking to hire a speech language pathologist. We have created a multidisciplinary therapy clinic for children and Oscar will reap the benefits.

We have been busy. I went from working very part time to full time. My husband has gone from having one job to now also helping me (a lot) with the business. Our kids are adjusting to the new family routine and our mother-in-law is staying with us for awhile to help with childcare.

We could not have opened without the help of my parents, my sister and my brother-in-law. It is truly amazing how our family has come together (especially during the last couple of months) but even over the last couple of years to help us help our son.

It has taken a village to open Oscar’s Place.

This little boy has inspired us to open this centre that won’t only serve to help him but also the children in the surrounding area who also need help and previously haven’t had access to services.

If you have any questions about our new centre please visit oscarsplace.ca, call 705-444-6694 or email info@oscarsplace.ca.

You can also follow us on instagram @oscarsplacerehab

April 28, 2022 Oscar’s Place Grand Opening Event

4 thoughts on “Entry Sixty Seven- It Has Been A While

  1. This is JUST AMAZING!!!!! So Soo soo Very Proud OF YOU!

    Just curious, do people have to pay out of pocket to access this place? Or are you collaborated with some kind of medical insurance so people can get this through their private or state funded insurances?


    1. Thank you.
      As of now yes it is out of pocket or through extended health benefits. Once the business gets going I would like to start a scholarship program.


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