How To Build Your Own Parallel Bars

Materials needed: (for 72″ in overall length) 4- 10ft pieces of 3/4 inch 40 PVC conduit ($6.47 each CAD) 10-PVC 90degree 3/4″ elbows ($1.10 each CAD) 8- PVC Tees 3/4″ ($1.14 each CAD) 12-feet of 3/4″ wooden dowel inserted into the upper PVC railing to give more rigidity to the top bars 1- can of PVCContinue reading “How To Build Your Own Parallel Bars”

Entry Twenty Seven- By Two

We so happily celebrated Oscar’s second birthday last week. I have heard that some parents find their child’s birthday a stark reminder of the widening gap between their child and a typically developing child. I am finding this to be true. When your child is young, it is easier to “hide” their delays. As theyContinue reading “Entry Twenty Seven- By Two”

Entry Twenty Six- Two!!

I can’t believe that Oscar is now two! To some, a second birthday may not be a big deal, but to me it means so much. I have learned a lot over the last 2 years. I have learned a lot about things that I wish I didn’t have to know. When Oscar was 8Continue reading “Entry Twenty Six- Two!!”

Entry Twenty Four- The Night Shift

I guess sleep has been on my mind since we are now sleep training Oscar. And I can’t help but remember how it all began…. Sleeping is a challenge for any infant. We were lucky that our daughter Olivia slept through the night at 12 weeks old. I remember thinking after Oscar was born “weContinue reading “Entry Twenty Four- The Night Shift”

Entry Twenty Three- Falling Asleep

It is so easy for me to see Oscar as a baby. The label “baby” is more appropriate than “toddler” based on his abilities. I need to allow him to be as age appropriate as possible, as he is capable. This includes his bedtime routine and developing good sleep practices, which he currently doesn’t have.Continue reading “Entry Twenty Three- Falling Asleep”